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What We Do

Our goal is to bring our expertise to your brand, to expand the possibilities and capabilities of your team, and to provide a value that bigger agencies can’t match. We are small enough to remain agile and big enough to be trusted by clients with global businesses. We are innovators and collaborators, and we help you meet your goals for less.

From strategic messaging to creative deliverables.

Featured Work

At Eikon Creative, we believe that digital media is at its best when it has a human touch. Technology is most meaningful when it connects people, telling a human story and empowering individuals and communities. We put our expertise to work connecting people, brands and networks, opening the door to new possibilities and relationships.

Brands We Support

We have a passion for creativity and storytelling, for communicating the essentials of your brand’s purpose in a compelling, engaging and visually interesting way. We want our imagination to serve your business goals, reach your market, and build your brand.

Meet the team

Life is not just about what you do, but whom you do it with.

Steve Andres CEO
Jon Georgopolus Director of Client Relations
Brandon Lapierre Lead Editor
Jonah Simon Lead Designer
Krista Greenwald Account Manager
Jon Ladalla Videographer & Editor
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